Sunny weather with high temperatures – that’s how summer’s been so far this year. So that we can really enjoy the weather Mönchengladbach has outdoor swimming pools, beautiful beer gardens with cool drinks, and several good ice-cream parlours. Whether you like traditional Italian ice-cream or more unusual varieties – including the new vegan brands – there’s a huge range of delicious ice-creams to choose from…. Here we present 3 to give you an idea of the range that’s available, and we hope you have a really great summer!.

The “Eisdealer”

To ensure a great taste the ice-creams here are still homemade! Superbly tasty ice-creams are conjured from fresh milk, cream, fruit and chocolate – with absolutely no colourants, artificial aromas, emulsifiers, or other artificial additives of any sort. A particular highlight is watching the ice-cream cones being freshly made on-site, and if you are gluten-intolerant there are compostable tubs as well as spoons and straws made of corn starch-based bioplastic.

Casa del Gelato

Word’s got out about Casa del Gelato on Dünnerstraße in Neuwerk. As well as offering numerous classic Italian ice-cream specialities it now also sells ice-creams for diabetics and various vegan options. The compact outdoor terrace is a great place to enjoy the delicious ice-creams…

Eiscafé Brustolon

Here in Lindenplatz in the centre of Wickrath you can sit at one the many outside tables in the shade of the lime trees and listen to the splash of water in the horse-trough as you sample any of the café’s 30 fantastic types of ice-cream – a blissful taste of summer!