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Mönchengladbach is a pleasant, attractive city, and with a population of almost 270,000 it’s one of the largest cities on the left bank of the Lower Rhine. The cityscape is a delightful blend of urban flair and rural charm. It’s not without reason that the city with its numerous parks and wooded areas is also called the “city in the countryside”. Not only are we art lovers – as shown by the numerous artworks in the city’s museums and public spaces – we also know how to enjoy life. Discover Mönchengladbach – there’s so much to see!​

To contain the further spread of the Corona virus, many necessary measures have been taken which severely restrict public life and also our leisure activities. The health well-being of all and the protection of every human life is very close to our hearts, so we urge you to comply with the recommended and ordered measures. 

Please observe the distance regulations and the hygiene regulations prescribed on site. You can view the currently applicable rules for Mönchengladbach here. Stay healthy!