Hey! Rheydt invites you to the 4th TamTam

Ruby disappears briefly under the colorful swing cloth, Cem has great fun with the African drum… on the meadow in front of the theater bar there is colorful hustle and bustle: The AG Hey!Rheydt invites you on Saturday, 15 June 2019 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to join them in reviving the Theaterpark in Rheydt (Odenkirchener Str.). With a few outdoor games in their luggage, the members of the AG will be arriving and will not be alone for long. While parents and other visitors* can inform themselves about the children’s rescue anchor and the plans for redesigning the park, the WOMIBA drum group with its African rhythms will get the theatre park going.

The De Kull fan project is just as much a part of the programme as PariSozial. Hey!Rheydt will be supported throughout the year by Quartiersmanagement Rheydt and for the first time by Fond Aktive Mitwirkung at the 4th TamTam. An affectionately accomplished meeting, which builds on good weather and spontaneity – a delicious coffee before the theatre bar including…

Photo: Hey!Rheydt