Café del Bar

Café del Bar

The Café del Bar is a popular cocktail bar and is located directly at the entrance of Mönchengladbach’s party mile on Waldhausener Straße. Since 2002, the friendly brothers Daniel and Igor have been welcoming their guests at Café del Bar. The guests notice that they do both the preparation and the service with absolute passion by every freshly prepared cocktail.

The selection includes a wide range of cocktails, long drinks, whiskies and of course various beers on tap. Among the cocktails you will find classics like Mojitos, Caipirinhas or Gin Fizz’ on the one hand and on the other hand also animating cocktails like the “Sex On The Beach” or the stimulating “Long Island Ice Tea”. On weekends, a colourful mixed audience is thus addressed, which can spend a great evening in a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of happy hour.

Especially people beyond the age of 20 find their place at the bar or at the cosy tables. Framed by Pop Art works of the local artist and friend Peter Smolka, the guests always have something to discover.

The Café del Bar is also a popular location for various artistic and musical events. Those who have not seen enough of the two brothers can be served during the day on the Old Market Square in SunSide.

Café del Bar & SunSide and you… Your bar on MG!

Café del Bar is a member of the Club der Wirte.