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The voucher card for Mönchengladbach

Starting in September, the citizens of Mönchengladbach will have the opportunity to give away the whole diversity of the city – with the local “City Credit Card Mönchengladbach”.

The voucher card can be loaded with any value and redeemed in numerous local shops, restaurants and service outlets. Partial redemption is also possible at several points of acceptance. First drink a cup of coffee, then go shopping and relax with a massage in the evening – all this is possible with “Stadtguthaben-Karte Mönchengladbach”.

But you can also buy vouchers at the sales points in the city or here and simply give them away to good friends or dear neighbours as a thank-you…

The city credit card can be bought in the shop, ordered online and delivered by post or simply loaded and downloaded online.

The positive side effect: with the voucher card, the purchasing power in the shops of the city is tied and at the same time promotes the attractiveness of the shopping city. Make someone happy and support the local business at the same time.

Here you will find an overview of the points of sale and acceptance: