FohlenWelt – the club museum

Experience the Borussia legend. This exhibition covering 1,150 square metres invites you to follow in the footsteps of your heroes and immerse yourself in the history of the ‘Foals’ from 1900 right through to the present day. Hundreds of exhibits, pictures, life-size projections and films displayed on over 90 mostly interactive monitors bring Borussia’s triumphs and tragedies to life. There’s also a unique guiding system – visitors can choose the Borussia insider that they want to guide them through FohlenWelt. Each of the eight guides illuminates the history of the club from his own personal perspective. It’s a real treat for anyone who wants to find out about the club and its history – or to relive the spine-tingling drama of its highs and lows. The ultimate Borussia experience!

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FohlenWelt – the club museum
Hennes-Weisweiler-Allee 1, 41179 Mönchengladbach