Jona chapel in Großheide

The smallest chapel in the Lower Rhine region

While churches are being closed down in many places, the parish of Großheide has built a new one: the smallest chapel in the Lower Rhine region. The Jona chapel can accommodate up to two people, and it’s a place where they can find peace and recharge their batteries.

The chapel which is made of larch wood and stands under an oak tree in front of the Johanneskirche is hardly any bigger than a telephone box. There’s a window in it, and it’s decorated on the inside so as to create an impression of spaciousness. The blues and greys represent the sky and creation. The scenes depicted in the chapel, such as an asymmetric cross and star-studded quilts, are of a deliberately clear and simple design because they are primarily meant to appeal to people who are not regular churchgoers. There’s also a bible, a little prayer book, and a book for leaving notes in. As well as towels, just in case someone ends up crying.

The small chapel is open every day during daylight hours.

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Jona Kapelle
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