Mönchengladbach Airport

Mönchengladbach Airport

Welcome to Mönchengladbach Airport – IATA code MGL – the largest general aviation airport in North Rhine-Westphalia. MGL which has a daily average of 115 take-offs and landings – 85 percent of which are commercial services – has now also become the second-most important general aviation airport in Germany after Frankfurt Egelsbach. Roughly 30 companies with a total of over 650 employees operate at MGL in the four sectors of airport business: General Aviation and Business Travel, Training, Maintenance, and Events.

Flight operations:

Air traffic control procedures at Mönchengladbach are the same as at other airports, such as Düsseldorf (DUS), Munich (MUC) or Cologne Bonn (CGN). A control zone is provided which incorporates IFR operations with 2 x ILS and DVOR/DME approach procedures. The runway (RWY) has a total length of 1,440 metres, although only 1,200 metres of it is licensed for take-offs and landings.

Additional facts about the airport site:

  • 120 hectares in area, of which approx. 70% is grass / open spaces
  • hangar capacity of the airport company: 6 hangar areas (14,000 m2)
  • 160 operational aircraft including 12 business jets in a total of 11 hangars
  • office/workshop areas 5,300 m2
  • terminal area 2,800 m2
  • dedicated pilots’ crew room with WLAN for the pilots of all airlines which land at the airport
  • quick, prompt refuelling of aircraft so as to ensure short ground times
  • service-focused passenger and crew facilities (lounges with WLAN, conference rooms, crew briefing rooms and self-service facilities, taxi or limousine booking facilities, catering, hotel booking)


Charter airlines

The really personalised way to travel is to take a flight operated by one of the charter airlines that are based at the airport. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you will be flown to your destination. Please use this link for enquiries and terms and conditions!

Parking spaces

Adequate parking spaces are available directly in front of the terminal. So it’s a just short walk from your parking space to the terminal.

How to get to the airport

Mönchengladbach Airport is conveniently located near to the Neersen A52/A44 motorway interchange. The airport is just a few minutes away from the regional capital, Düsseldorf. There are a large number of parking spaces available at the airport. Please enter “Flughafenstraße” in Mönchengladbach into your satnav.

Flughafengesellschaft Mönchengladbach GmbH
Flughafenstraße 95
D-41066 Mönchengladbach