NRW Textile Academy

NRW Textile Academy

The new Textile Academy building on Rheydter Straße – immediately adjacent to the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences – is now taking shape. The spectacular textile facade containing over 1,200 square metres of woven textile glass is unique and adds a secretive ambiance to the building: from the outside it is semi-opaque, but it’s virtually unnoticeable when looking out from inside the building. This is where from 2019 onwards up to 350 vocational education students in the textile and clothing industry – drawn from all across north-western Germany – will be provided with modern tuition. The spectacular building is funded on an equal basis by the Textiles Federation based in Wuppertal and the North-Western Textile and Clothing Industry Federation (source: RP-online, Andreas Gruhn dated 13.7.2018)

The “Farbturm” (Colour Tower) by the sculptor and painter Heinz Mack which adorns the entrance to the Textile Academy was created in 2017 as part of the “Taten des Licht – Mack & Goethe” exhibition at the Goethe Museum in Dusseldorf before this sculpture was moved to its permanent home in front of the newly founded Textile Academy in Mönchengladbach in September 2018.

The work consists of 12 coloured bands of fabric which move in the wind and are framed in a 9-metre high stainless steel construction which resembles a ladder. The flags were developed for this project in a very elaborate procedure involving consultations between the artist and the Mönchengladbach firm, the AUNDE Group. The fabric that has been specially designed for the work is water-repellent on the one hand, and on the other hand it is so resistant to light that the sun does not bleach the colours of the flags. (Source:

Textilakademie NRW

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