Mönchengladbach water tower

Mönchengladbach water tower

This tower which is known as the “most beautiful art nouveau water tower in Germany” was built in 1909, and its restoration in 1998 has returned it to its former glory. If you’re prepared to tackle the 234 steps that lead to the top you’ll be rewarded with a splendid panoramic view of “Vitusstadt” (Mönchengladbach). In the former pump engineer’s quarters there are displays by young talented artists which change every two years.

Visit the water tower

The art nouveau water tower at Viersener Straße is open for visitors. There are gratis guided tours from march until august the first Saturday of each month at 10, 11 an 12 a.m. After climbing 234 stairs enjoy a wonderful panoramic view overlooking the city.

Opening times!

Mönchengladbach water tower
Viersener Straße 115
41063 Mönchengladbach