Colouring pictures to print

Mönchengladbach’s most beautiful places

Clown Pico and the turtle Bella are on their way – and the two discover Mönchengladbach’s most beautiful places. The colouring pictures tell a nice short story about our city and sometimes even pose a riddle or two.
We hope you enjoy discovering your city!

Colouring picture
Pico and Bella back in town

Pico the clown and his girlfriend Bella the turtle are back in town. Both work in the circus. Pico would like to show Bella his birthplace Mönchengladbach once. We will accompany them. Do you know the buildings in the background?

Colouring picture
Pico and Bella at botanical garden

Pico and Bella are in the most popular park in the city – the Botanical Garden. There is a lot to see here: large flower beds, very old trees, an aviary with over 200 species of birds and playgrounds. Bella has gone into hiding. Have you found her yet?

Colouring picture
Pico and Bella at the “Geroweiher”

Pico shows Bella one of the most famous sights of Mönchengladbach – the St. Vitus Minster on the Abbey Hill. There is a staircase at the far right. When you are there, count the steps.

Colouring picture
Pico and Bella in Niersgrünzug

Pico has rented a bicycle and is taking Bella on a tour along the Niers. In a moment they will be in Rheydt. Pico’s bike is missing important parts, like a bell. What is still missing? Paint everything you notice on Pico’s bike.

Colouring picture
Pico and Bella on the market place in Rheydt

Every Wednesday and Saturday there is the Rheydter weekly market in front of the town hall. Here you can buy very fresh food. Pico has just discovered his favourite vegetable – broccoli! He simply finds this vegetable “picobello fantastico”! What do you think is Bella’s favorite food?

Colouring picture
Pico and Bella at Castle Rheydt

The beautiful castle has a great museum. You can even shake hands with a knight. Because there are so many peacocks running around, you are not allowed to go there with dogs. Every year in August there is a big knight festival with fun for the whole family.