Setting out on your own

On foot or by bike? Mönchengladbach can be explored in many different ways. If you don’t want a guide, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the city on your own. Let yourself be inspired for a walk through the numerous streets and parks of Mönchengladbach!

Our tours for explorers

Beuys Tour

Digital and Interactive
Beuys Tour

Become artistically creative

Geropark Stadtmauer Altstadtrundgang

Digital audio tour
Old Town
Walking Tour

Experience the wonderful old town

Zeitsprung Stadttour

Journey into the past
Jumping back in time

Discover the secrets of the city

Stadtrundgang Innenstadt

City tour Mönchengladbach
City centre

Off through Mönchengladbach


30 sculptures of the city
Sculpture Mile

Enjoying art outdoors

Rheydt Mönchengladbach Pahlkebad


Simply change your perspective!

Zeitsprung Stadttour

Textile history in MG

27 Places with a textile history

Stadttour Auf Spuren

Digital discovery tour
Along Traces

Experience the cultural places

YONA App Stadtplan scannen

Digital sightseeing with the

Must See's in Augmented Reality

Glasmalerei Münster St. Martins Tod

The play of colours
Stained Glass Tour

Experience the colourful diversity

Fahrrad Stadttour

Discover Rheydt & Surroundings
Bicycle tour

Get on your bike


The game for explorers

Test your knowledge

Cycling from point to point
Junction network in Mönchengladbach

Would you like to plan your individual route through Mönchengladbach and the surrounding area or be inspired by other cycling tours?

With the network of cycle hubs in Mönchengladbach and the surrounding area, this is very easy. The area-wide hub system enables flexible tour planning entirely according to your wishes. You can comfortably cycle from junction to junction and plan your route as a simple sequence of numbers. Signposts with kilometre and destination information are located at the respective nodes so that you can also change your route spontaneously without losing your orientation.
You can find more information and theme tours here.