Neighbourhood whispering

Neighbourhood whispering in Wickrath

What makes
Wickrath so beautiful

The district Wickrath in the West of Mönchengladbach, in a rather rural location, is a district with heart – no matter from which direction you come, signs welcome you everywhere. The community life is remarkable, with many different events taking place throughout the year, such as music weeks, jazz picnics, “Plattdeutsch” evenings, and carnival events. Art exhibitions and cultural events are usually held in the Nassau Stables, the Kunstwerk or the “Rote Krokodil”.
Particularly worth seeing is the baroque castle of Wickrath, which with its beautiful castle park, in the shape of a count’s crown, was built according to French models. However, Wickrath is not only known for its beautiful castle, but also as the centre of Rhenish horse breeding. The Rhenish Studbook, the breeding organisation for horse breeders in the Rhineland, is based at Wickrath Castle and, with 2,075 breeding horses (2019), attracts attention throughout Europe. Major events such as stallion and elite shows are annual highlights here.



Schillerplatz Eicken Mönchengladbach

The district centre is located in Wickrath-Mitte around the Wickrather market and along the pedestrian zone Quadtstraße. Here you can browse in many small boutiques and fashion shops. Directly on Lindenplatz, which is adorned by a beautiful horse fountain, is the Brustolon ice cream café, which is famous for its snow ice cream.
Not only the Wickrath weekly market invites you to do your regional shopping in Wickrath, but also bakers, butchers, a fish farm and various farm shops, such as the Buscherhof in Wickrath-West and the Finkenberger Hof in Wickrathberg. Near Wickrath, in Wanlo, the glider airfield and the 800-year-old manor of Wildenrath are particularly impressive.

Initiatives in Wickrath & Surroundings

Who and what enlivens Wickrath

Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Wickrath e.V.

Cultivation of the idea of local history, preservation of tradition, conservation and protection of the landscape and preservation of monuments as well as local history and cultural events.

Wickrathhahner Straße 26, 41189 Mönchengladbach

Wickrather Schützengesellschaft 1967 e.V.

Strengthening the traditions and association in Wickrath.

Wanloer Straße 47, 41189 Mönchengladbach

“Die Kreuzherren” e.V. Wickrath

Strengthening carnival traditions and association in Wickrath.

Postfach 40 01 52, 41181 Mönchengladbach

KG 1906 Wanloer Ströpp

Strengthening carnival traditions and association in Wanlo.

Gormannsgasse 22, 41189 Mönchengladbach

St. Hubertus Bruderschaft Wickrathhahn e.V.

Strengthening traditions and association in Wickrathhahn.

Hahner Hofstraße 34, 41189 Mönchengladbach

Bundesschützen-Tambourcorps „Mit Vereinten Kräften“ Kräften e.V.

The Tambourcorps can be seen at many traditional feasts in and around Mönchengladbach.

Lindenstraße 212, 41063 Mönchengladbach

Denkmalpflege- und Heimatverein Beckrath e.V.

For the care and preservation of monuments, local history, promotion of customs and beautification of the townscape.

Gormannsgasse 22, 41189 Mönchengladbach

Heimatverein Wickrathberg e.V.

Preservation of the historically grown, promotion of village life, cultivation of customs and participation in the design of public spaces.

Eisvogelweg 3, 41189 Mönchengladbach

Verein für Heimat- und Denkmalpflege Herrath e.V.

Non-profit association for the promotion of customs and the idea of local history, improvement of the image of the village and cultivation of community life.

Highlights in Wickrath

What to experience in Wickrath

Castle Wickrath /
castle park
Event location
Kunstwerk/ Rotes Krokodil
City tour Wickrath
castle stories
Horse Stud Book
Weekly market
City tour
Castle tour
Traditional event
Fest am See
Bicycle tour along
of the Niersgrünzugs
swimming pool
Schlossbad Niederrhein
Bicycle tour

Impressions from Wickrath

Things to see in Wickrath

Schloss Wickrath


You can get deeper insights and more impressions at MG anders sehen. Here you will find a colourful collection of photos taken by Mönchengladbach citizens.
Would you rather see the district for yourself and collect impressions? Then you can download a free Instawalk route through Wickrath.



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