How has a street got its name? Who does the monument depict? Who is the work of art by? Who actually designed the unusual-looking building? What’s this flower called? Often you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading up on things or surfing the internet, you just want a short (and correct) answer!



This is what the new RheinMaaster app will soon do for you. This platform – which is a mixture of a knowledge resource and a quiz system – let’s anyone ask questions and get an answer to them. The questions always have to be asked at the place that you want to find out about, and they have to be uploaded together with a photo. Anyone who knows the answer will reply either straight away, or alternatively later on. Questions and answers can also be supplemented with additional pictures, web links or audio recordings. It’s not historians and scientists who “call the shots” at RheinMaaster – it’s the users themselves. Participants therefore provide the necessary content themselves so that the app continually grows and develops. Each question and answer fills in another bit of the region’s cultural history. Likes and dislikes can be awarded for questions and answers, and different opinions can also be expressed. So a dialogue is created across the entire Rhine-Maas region. The questions are allocated to subject categories like “People & Customs”, “Industry & Transport”, “Landscape & Nature” and “Art & Handcrafts” so everyone can register for specific areas of interest.


phone, whether it’s an Android or Apple, is all you need to download the app for free. It’s available in German, Dutch and English. RheinMaaster was produced by Schloss Rheydt Museum as a contribution to the regional museum association’s theme for the year: “NEULAND – Terra incognita” (Uncharted Territory – breaking new ground). The project partner is the Mönchengladbach Marketing Company. On the Dutch side of the border RheinMaaster collaborates with the Venlo municipal archives. Technical implementation was carried out by the Firesource company in Mönchengladbach.

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