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The MG-Selfie-Video

Each scene is just 3-5 seconds long – but each one tells a short story about living, working and having fun in Mönchengladbach. They range from the pilot who flies over the city in the cockpit of the old Tante Ju (Aunty Junkers) aircraft, to utility workers cleaning the city’s streets, and the Borussia Musical ensemble enjoying rapturous applause. In every scene there’s a “high five” …


1. Mönchengladbacher Fashion Day

When launching the current fashion collections Mönchengladbacher City Management presents the ​1st Mönchengladbacher Fashion Day on Saturday, the 13th of April, City/Hindenburgstraße, Friedrichstraße, Wallstraße. The Textile Academy in collaboration with the...

An oasis of pleasure for gardening enthusiasts

Once spring has triggered its colourful displays lots of keen gardeners and people who are just out for a stroll return to the grounds of the splendid Schloss Rheydt in Mönchengladbach. The reason for this is the Gartenwelt (Garden World) exhibition which is being...

Nel giardino (In the Garden) exhibition

Gardens play an important role in the life of Ulrike Creischer-Nentwig. Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to look out on a green 'paradise' of their own at home in Mönchengladbach or at a holiday home at Sulzano in Italy will understand why nature always creeps...

Rhine-Ruhr Jewish cultural days in Mönchengladbach

Jewish home ground. Here and now. Now for the  5th time already 14 towns together with the regional Jewish federation are putting on events to mark the "Rhein-Ruhr Festival of Jewish Culture". From 28.03.-14.04.2019 a schedule of events will also be held once again in...

Notch up the miles on the CITY BIKE RIDE

There will be another big cycling event in Mönchengladbach this year. From the 4th to 24th  May 2019 you will be able to notch up the miles again by taking part in the STADTRADELN city cycling event. Every journey by bike counts towards the target. The cycling will be...

Competitive swimming in Mönchengladbach

After a successful start to the year in January with a series of three home competitions at the Vitusbad it's clear that Mönchengladbach is a true sporting city which is not limited to football. The next opportunities to see for yourself what is going on are on the...

GabelWerk – Manufacturer of dog carriers

Gabelwerk is a manufacturer of dog carriers which makes various models of carriers by hand in Mönchengladbach. All GabelWerke products can be individually planned in conjunction with the customer and specially made for him/her. This results in a unique personal...

Mönchengladbach harness racing track

The harness racing track has a long history. Harness races have been held at Niersbrücke since 1893. This makes the Mönchengladbach harness racing track the oldest continuously operated harness racing track in Germany. About 140 of the 1,000 metre races are started...

Tasty delights at Konditorei Heinemann

Since it was founded in 1932  Konditorei Heinemann has devoted itself to the ideal of only using exquisite ingredients for making its high-quality, fresh chocolates, truffles, pastries and tarts. At Christmas a seasonal stollen (iced fruitcake) made by von Heinemann...