The temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter and lights twinkle in the streets. In the run-up to Christmas, the smell is not only of mulled wine and roasted almonds, but also of a delicious Christmas feast – a juicy roast goose is a must. We’ll tell you where you can eat it or order it in this article. Bon appetit!


Restaurant Frenzen

The Frenzen restaurant offers a delicious three-course goose menu for 55 euros per person if you order in advance. A fine goose breast on lamb’s lettuce with potato and bacon dressing and glazed chestnuts as a starter is followed by a goose leg in jus with red cabbage and potato dumplings as the main course. The menu is rounded off with a baked apple in vanilla sauce. As the Frenzen restaurant attaches great importance to regionality, the geese are sourced from the Jansen poultry farm in Bettrath.


  • Kult + Genuss

    At the Kult + Genuss restaurant, you’ll be spoilt for choice for 48.50 euros per person – crispy goose leg or would you prefer a juicy goose breast? Classic side dishes are served with it. If you would like to enjoy the delicious goose feast here, you must book in advance by telephone.


  • Brauerei zum Stefanus

    Here you are also spoilt for choice between a crispy goose leg or a juicy goose breast. The classic side dishes are accompanied by marzipan apples and a delicious goose sauce. The menu is offered at a price of 31.80 euros per portion and can be enjoyed until 23 December.


  • Palace St. George

    Near the stadium, at Palace St. George, you can also enjoy a Christmas feast at a price of 47.90 euros until 23 December. The restaurant offers two different goose menus. Both menus are served with a goose leg. The first menu includes goose leg, lamb’s lettuce, chestnut puree, bacon, bread croutons and potato dressing. In the second menu, the leg is served in the classic way with red apple cabbage, napkin dumplings and baked apple.


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