Attractive running tracks

The Volksgarten and the adjacent sports facility Radrennbahn are ideal surroundings for running. The illuminated, barrier-free running track on the cycle racecourse with four fitness machines enables safe sports even in the morning and evening hours.

Further running tracks in the city of Mönchengladbach can be found in Rheydt Castle. Signposts show runners the designated running routes (1.9 km, 3 km, 5.2 km, 10 km). The Botanical Garden is also very popular with runners.

Running in the Grenzlandstadion

However, the dark season often leads to leisure sportsmen and women restricting their activities. Wet paths, dark corners and unsafe paths are avoided and cause many active people to fall into a motivation hole.

You can escape this, because the Grenzlandstadion offers many opportunities for active sports activities even in winter. The beach soccer and beach volleyball courts as well as the tennis courts are closed from 16 October until spring. But runners, joggers and walkers can continue their training on the tracks that are illuminated in the evening (the 400 m tartan track and the upper 585 m circular track) even when it gets dark early.

The sports administration of the city of Mönchengladbach provides these training possibilities at the following times in the Grenzlandstadion:

– Mondays and Fridays (both tracks) until 8 pm,
– Tuesdays to Thursdays (upper circular track) until 20 hrs

There are enough parking spaces available in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. During the general closing times of the municipal sports facilities (e.g. winter closing time during the Christmas holidays) the Grenzlandstadion is closed.