Schriefersmühle is a mill that was built in 1747. It’s a Dutch style mill with a conical mill tower. On historic maps of Mönchengladbach the mill is marked as the “New Mill” on what used to called the ‘Rue de Aix la Chapelle’ (now the B 57).

For centuries the Schriefersmühle was used to mill the corn of the local farmers. This involved them driving their horse and cart into the mill through the front gateway. The sacks of grain could then be hoisted directly from the cart up into the mill. And afterwards the flour could be loaded straight onto the carts.

It’s believed to have been taken out of operation after the First World War. After that the mill was only used as a storeroom. Schriefersmühle was badly damaged in the Second World War. The mill actually burnt down during the allied advance in 1945. However witnesses from that time say that the mill tower smouldered like a chimney for several days afterwards.

It wasn’t until 1978 that the mill tower was given an emergency roof. In 1986 the mill was made a listed building in order to ensure its preservation. The mill has been extensively renovated with the aid of a supporters’ association which was set up in 2011. It’s now used as a venue for holding exhibitions and events.


41179 Mönchengladbach