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Following clues

This app provides a digital guide to 350 cultural and historical sites in the Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park which spans the German-Dutch border. As part of the Venlo-Roermond-Mönchengladbach triangle Mönchengladbach features with 18 places to visit. In addition to well-known sights, there are places featured which are not included in most guides. You can chose from six categories, for example “Residents and Leisure”, “Steam and Electricity”, and “Borders and Power”.

GPRS coordinates are provided for the local points of interest. Photos, texts or videos provide exciting background stories. The contents are offered in German, Dutch and English as well as the local dialect. Other points of interest are the municipal swimming pool in Rheydt, the water tower in Viersener Straße, and the “Rheinische Dreifensterhäuser” (houses which have three windows on the facade of each floor). The app lets you plan the visit to suit you. Or you can use the filter function which will provide suitable suggestions based on the type of visit that you enter (e.g. family outing). The network of hiking and cycling routes extending across the border into the Dutch province of Limburg is also included in the app. So you can plan your visit from the comfort of your own home, and the packages just have to be downloaded. Then when you’re out and about they can be used without an internet connection. Alternatively you can use the free MG Wi-Fi service.

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Jumping back in time

In the city centre of Mönchengladbach there are 15 special places to discover which hide a “secret” as well as current and historical facts. As you visit the places the page will reveal content that is usually hidden (if you’ve activated your GPS). So short stories from everyday life are revealed which are narrated by fictional characters from the year 1909, and you gradually build up a picture of what life was like for the inhabitants of our city over 100 years ago. A lot of the content will seem strange and bizarre, whilst other bits seem astoundingly modern.

The step-free tour through the city centre of Mönchengladbach and the Bunter Garten is about 3½ kilometres long and it shows you the major and less well-known sights of our city: for instance, you’ll visit the town hall on Abteiberg and the water tower among other places. But less well-known places such as the gate keeper’s lodge are also included. As you visit the various sites on the tour you will learn from the narrators what motivated the inhabitants of our town, and what they hoped to achieve in their lives. The tour is rounded off with general information about the buildings.  This is where you can begin!

3.5 km step-free tour through the city centre of Mönchengladbach and the Bunter Garten

Recommended starting point: Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle
(You’ll need a smartphone with GPS and internet access)
Duration of the tour: approx. 1½ hours.

A ready-to-use “package” for school classes

A pre-prepared questionnaire for school classes (like a treasure hunt) including solutions can be downloaded for free from Mönchengladbach Marketing Company (see contact details). This is an easy way to organize the next school trip, and the evaluation of it also doesn’t take long. The only technical requirement is: each group of schoolchildren must have access to a smartphone, and the use of it for the school event should be approved by the respective parents or guardians. A consent form is also included in the package that is provided by the Mönchengladbach Marketing Company.

Contact Person:
Udo Jansen
phone  02161. 25 52411

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about 1.5 hours

RheinMaaster – the discovery game

How has a street got its name? Who does the monument depict? Who is the work of art by? Who actually designed the unusual-looking building? What’s this flower called? Often you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading up on things or surfing the internet, you just want a short (and correct) answer!

This is what the new RheinMaaster app will soon do for you. This platform – which is a mixture of a knowledge resource and a quiz system – let’s anyone ask questions and get an answer to them. The questions always have to be asked at the place that you want to find out about, and they have to be uploaded together with a photo. Anyone who knows the answer will reply either straight away, or alternatively later on. Questions and answers can also be supplemented with additional pictures, web links or audio recordings. It’s not historians and scientists who “call the shots” at RheinMaaster – it’s the users themselves. Participants therefore provide the necessary content themselves so that the app continually grows and develops. Each question and answer fills in another bit of the region’s cultural history. Likes and dislikes can be awarded for questions and answers, and different opinions can also be expressed. So a dialogue is created across the entire Rhine-Maas region. The questions are allocated to subject categories like “People & Customs”, “Industry & Transport”, “Landscape & Nature” and “Art & Handcrafts” so everyone can register for specific areas of interest.

phone, whether it’s an Android or Apple, is all you need to download the app for free. It’s available in German, Dutch and English. RheinMaaster was produced by Schloss Rheydt Museum as a contribution to the regional museum association’s theme for the year: “NEULAND – Terra incognita” (Uncharted Territory – breaking new ground). The project partner is the Mönchengladbach Marketing Company. On the Dutch side of the border RheinMaaster collaborates with the Venlo municipal archives. Technical implementation was carried out by the Firesource company in Mönchengladbach.

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