Stars of the Galaxy Exhibition

Welcome to the Alter Berliner Bad. Welcome to 1,000 square metres jam-packed with galactic exhibits from a variety of different galaxies. Since 2011 this permanent exhibition has been a well-kept secret among Germany’s science fiction fans. The special thing about it is that visitors “immerse” themselves in the building – including the former swimming pool which now contains the ice world of Hoth – the star attraction of the exhibition.

Visitors can marvel at life-size film characters, highly prized statuettes, and limited-edition Lego models – including a gigantic star destroyer that’s over 3 metres long. Other highlights include replica laser swords and weapons from the Star Wars films, model space ships, and a variety of large, highly detailed dioramas. An exceptional feature is the “Hall of Fame” which contains over 100 original film costumes from movies such as Armageddon, Aeon Flux, Next, Salt, or Spaceballs. The exhibition is being continually expanded and enlarged. As the famous Jedi Master Yoda would say: “Feel the force!”

Berliner Platz 10, 41061 Mönchengladbach
Tel. 02161 – 406 37 90

Opening hours SHOP & EXHIBITION:

Buy tickets: do + fr 12 – 18 o’clock, sa 10 – 18 o’clock, so 12 – 17 o’clock

Information about children’s birthday event:
weekdays : from 15 o’clock Saturday: 12.30 o’clock or 15 o’clock